Monday, 14 October 2019

Margaret Jarvis - The Romance of Textiles

For our AGM in October Margaret Jarvis came to talk to us about the Romance of Textiles - a very entertaining look at the use of textiles through the ages.  Her passion for textiles was very clear through the whole lecture and she had some amazing pieces.

From the very beginning we have needed clothing- Eve and her fig leaf (which apparently didnt stay on very well!) But people quickly moved beyond that and saw the opportunity to decorate their clothing and artists have used thread and fabric as their tools down through the ages.
looking at how japanese patterns told you what trade someone was in

a tree of life shawl

looking at what costumes told us about power and status

the enduring power of paisley as a pattern

clothing has been used in many portraits to tell us about the subject. 

 Clothing has defined us in terms of our region, power, gender, wealth and status by pattern, fabric quality, ornamentation and colours. Embroidery has played a fundamental part in this.

Thank you Margaret for such an interesting lecture and a big thank you to the "gnome helpers" (her words not mine!) Considering you were recruited on the day and had no training (although Clare has been signed up for catwalk lessons apparently! Dont know why - her walk was marvellous ) I think you did a marvellous job.


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