Sunday, 20 October 2019

Grand theatre Community project - work and display

Every year when The Grand put on their Panto they invite community groups in the area to contribute to the production of a display. This year we were invited to contribute to the display for Dick Whittington. We were one of 25 local community groups. A very small select group of us met at Heath House studios . It was great fun we were invited to make shoes for the Moroccan market we had access to lots of fabrics and embellishments. One of the group made a large black creepy crawly that was placed on the milestone and I will leave you all to decide who created it!!! The brilliant bus was also created by a member of the group. I'll leave you guess who.
Margaret and I attended the unveiling of the display on behalf of the guild. If you are not attending the panto you can pop in to see the display an hour before any of the performances.

Grand Theatre Panto project - 20th October 2019

Wolverhampton branch had been invited to take part in a community project to be displayed during the ‘Dick Whittington’ Panto at the Grand Theatre at the end of the year.
This took place at Heath House studios in Romsley near Kinver under the guidance of Pauline.
A small but select group of us turned up at the studios this morning. We were given various items that we could make. These would be part of a London scene or an opulent Moroccan scene.
Some of us chose to make elaborate slippers for the Moroccan market stall, while one made an insect to creep around London and one a London bus!!

First chose what to use

Now to make start

Progress being made

And finally the finished work,  although some have been brought home to finish and Pauline will be finishing off the slippers


Many thanks to Pauline for facilitating this project and to those who turned up to produce a piece. We had a brilliant day!


rutht said...

Brilliant brilliant day we loved it

jude26 said...

So sorry to have missed it this time