Friday, 21 September 2018

Designs from embroidery from Carpet

At the beginning of Septermber we were visited by Jill Edwards from the Museum of Carpet in Kidderminster. She came to talk to us about how we could translate carpet designs from their archive into embroideries

 looking at how it was traditionally made - I don't fancy that job!

Below - some of the stunning designs that have been made in the past 

 Flowers have always been popular in carpets and it was very interesting to see the lengths designers would go to in order to have accurate patterns
 A design translated into the patterns of "tufts" for members of the public to have a go
Some art deco designs

 Can you spot who all the Kings are?
 Currently also on display at the Museum - a collection of Japanes stencils

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Members Workshop

Saturday the 18th August was our "members workshop" - a chance for members to work on their own projects, swop ideas and get help for any problems.  It is always a great chance to see the range of talents and skills we have as a group.

Elaine's amazing teapot cosy for the Wightwick exhibition

Sue and Judy having a chat, whilst stitching

lots of busy people

and lots more busy people the other side of the table

telling a story

one that is very amusing!

Lillian was working on her quilt

whilst Margaret was working on her piece for Wightwick

As was Ruth - looks very interesting!

Di was stitching her "rust" piece

Lorraine stitching away
 We also got a sneak preview of some work in the travelling books

 A tile for Wightwick being worked on

Elaine doing a very pretty bead poppy piece.
 And several people bought in their work from the Tigley Textiles workshop (many thanks to Mandy for organising the frames). They are just lovely - well done ladies!

A lovely relaxed day for members and some fabulous work being made.

National Stitch Day

Saturday the 4th of August  was a lovely hot and sunny day for National Stitch Day.  We had arranged to go to Wolverhampton Art Gallery but we should have ordered rain as well - because it was a very quiet day in the Gallery.  Everyone wanted to be outside in the sunshine! 

Despite it being a quiet day all the volunteers had a lovely time - sewing and chatting. 
 Roberta chatting to a visitor and finding out they knew a lot of the same people.

our first young stitcher of the day

Dina showing another young stitcher how to start off

One visitor made a bionic mouse out of a heart!

A third young stitcher did this fabulous effort.
 Some of us managed to pop upstairs during the day and see the fabulous exhibition by the Singh sisters. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their free time to help man the event.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Tigley Textiles Workshop

 Showing samples of what we were going to attempt
 Simply beautiful
 Demonstrating the painting on fabric
 some stitch samples

 And then we had a go...

 using a fabric snippet to suggest a colour palette

 lots of smiley faces and lovely work!

 The pieces at the end of the day. Some finishing to be done but all looking lovely

 A fabulous workshop enjoyed by all.