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Here is our  top tips page. People have contributed tips to be shared with all. Other tips are welcome let us know.

·        To soften watersoluble media (like watercolour pencils) without the colour running, use clear aloe vera gel instead of water.

·Inktense pencils and blocks are ink based and are set on fabric once they have been wet and then dried ( no need to heat set them)

·Erasable pens ( the sort that are used for puzzles) make good fabric markers.  The line disappears when heated with an iron, heat gun or washing.  They are cheaper than fabric markers too.

·Use milk bottle plastic to stiffen inside of 3d fabric pieces

· Cheap clear hair gel can be used 50/50 with acrylic paint to keep it moist on a gelli plate.

·To take a page out of a ring bound note book :- cut carefully between each set of rings then gently pull the page out. The page can be carefully pushed back in later.

·Get a frame before you start a piece of work and make your textile to fit the frame. Its much easier than trying to find an “odd” size frame.

· If you dont want a “birds nest” of thread on the back of your work, always pull the bobbin thread up to the surface before you start to stitch. This can be done by putting the foot down, use the wheel to slowly put the needle into the fabric and back up. A small piece of bobbin thread will pop to the surface. Raise the foot and this small piece of thread can be pulled up higher. Then you can hold both top and bottom thread out of the way as you start to sew. 


Lorraine said...

Great idea, thanks for the tips. X

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very useful. thank you!

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Thanks for all your tips