Saturday, 19 October 2019

Alison Hulme - Print, print and print some more

Alison Hulme lecture 18th October 

Alison gave us a very interesting lecture on her life in textiles
starting with kits

 working on her own designs
 City and Guilds work
 Where text first started appearing,  in thework for the final show
the lost art of letter writing
 Even though feet were a main motif text appeared on those pieces too

F for feet
 For a good cause

 Looking at how dyslexia can affect people
 Influenced by graffitti work

Nail pieces - including "nailed it" and "screw loose"

 Text has been used in art since the beginning of writing

 The influence on later work is obvious here

 An interesting and enjoyable talk - Thanks Alison

Alison Hulme printing day 19th October 2019

We had a brilliant day today, printing with the expert guidance of the wonderful Alison Hulme. We used a variety of tec
hniques using Thermofax screens, Gelli plates, stencils, printing blocks and mono printing.
Here are some of our results from a very productive day.

Thank you Alison for all your help. I think we were all very pleased with the results.

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