Monday, 9 December 2019

The textiles of Bangladesh

Another of our members - Ruth Tykiff - gave us a very entertaining lecture on her recent travels to Bangladesh (her second trip there)

 She talked about the background of the country (threatened by rising water levels due to environmental change) and the kinds of textiles to be found there,
 Block printing - everyone on the Colouriscous tour got a chance to have a go.
 The lovely block Ruth used to print her fabric
 A sari spread out to be embroidered
 "Factories" are just workshops with a few machines. A lot of stitch is still done by hand but more power looms are being used.

 Threads left out to dry

 fabric manipulation before dyeing
 Being shown how to block print
 More beautiful embroidery
 The card system used to make woven cloth
 Ruth also had LOTS of brilliant samples of cloth. (I dont know how she got them all home)
 Isnt her dress and scarf just lovely too?

Thank you Ruth for a great lecture. Its always lovely to be an armchair traveller.

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