Monday, 4 November 2019

Suzette Smart

Suzette Smart came to talk to us about her textile journey

holding one of her books

a selection of her work

Her early work was mostly based on heavy machine stitching.  This is a beach scene with lots of tiny figures

She then moved into water soluble including making 3d elements

Suzette tells a story in every piece. This is a  piece of work based on memories from her childhood and using old fabrics

 The first version was a single dress based on one she had as a child

Her fascination with 3d forms evolved into bird boxes - some with cleverly hinged lids.

Maps - with a close up.  A birds eye view including lots of elements

Suzettes latest work includes transfers. She still likes emulsion transfer but has found a more reliable method now. Machine stitch is used to embellish the piece in various ways.

Just a small selection of her books. These often use painted bondaweb. We will be doing a workshop making these books with Suzette in January so watch out the for the Blog from that.

A lovely lecture with fascinating work that was amazing in close up. Thanks Suzette.

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