Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Margaret Beale workshop

The May workshop was with the lovely Margaret Beale.  She is rightly very well known for her fabulous work with a soldering iron and we were lucky to have the benefit of all those years of experience.   After a quick introduction she went straight into demonstration.

 using a flowerpot as a stand to protect the soldering iron. Using black felt as a background to this piece.
How to use to make patchwork.
 Soon we were all busy soldering. Looks like a production line here!
 Smiles all round - working hard but having fun too
 a sample of the gorgeous buttons Margaret had made
 Some fancy cutting work using metal rulers
 Mandy and Gail hard at work

 Some book cover samples

 A really great day. Thanks to Margaret for being so generous in sharing her time and expertise.

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