Monday, 6 May 2019

Deborah Collum

Saturday saw us gathering to listen to Deborah talk about her art journey.

She wasn't inspired by textiles in school (most of us remember Binca!) 

Nice to know not everyone has an immaculate studio

Annie Albers exhibition was a great inspiration.

 It says something about art v textiles that we know next to nothing about who made the clothes in this portrait apart from the fact they were men.
 As Deborah pointed out women were normally busy running households and doing essentials like repairs to clothes, which can be beautiful in themselves
 Some of Deborahs early forays into art - collage paper pieces
 then simple stitch added
 She has four main strands to her work now - landscapes (hard to get the perspective right)

 Houses - especially those that have been abandoned. Objects can tell a story

 Characters (some of these were thoughtful and some just plain sad)

 Miss Haversham
 a installation about "home"
 some pieces of work Deborah had out on display for us to look at

 Fabulous sketchbook work

 Pieces based on "strips"

 The latest piece, only just finished.

Deborah said she has a compulsion to make and she loves textiles because they are portable, forgiving and with endless possibilities. I think all of us in the Guild can relate to that.
Thank you Deborah for a very entertaining lecture. 

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jude26 said...

So lovely to see such 'honest' sketchbooks. They were a real treat for the eyes.