Monday, 23 March 2020

Smartypants awards - we are home but we are not alone.

Smartypants awards for carrying on stitching in uncertain times. 

This week Helene has been working on her blackwork.  I have always thought blackwork looks very stylish - what a lovely pattern as well. Congratulations Helene on another great job. 

Another floral pincushion from Linda  and Debbie has finished her piece from Suzettes workshop.  Congratulations to both for finishing beautiful pieces. Its great to see what people are working on. 

These two are done by Joy. She told me "The Persian garden I did when I was about 14 I think. Jude will spot the pots and realise that I have not moved on very much!  The cockerels were from the 60s I guess. It’s about 36” x 18” and hangs on my workshop wall."  I love the funky chickens Joy.

Thanks to Helene for sending me a picture of her completed cross stitch. Sadly its in a format I cant work out how to load on here but to see it please pop over to the Facebook page.


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