Saturday, 29 February 2020

Liz Cooksey Stories in the round

We had a great day with Liz, who was most instructive and generous with her ideas and tuition.

We were shown many techniques using wire, fabric, paper to create the many different elements in order to design our own piece.

Liz had also prepared a small kit of wire shapes, all wrapped up in tissue, in order for us to get straight into the making, it was like Christmas again. 

And so we got to work and many different items were created with Liz helping us all along the way.

In the afternoon Liz showed how we might compose our pieces and many ways of holding them together in order to display them.

Again Liz was on hand to show us any further ideas as needed by individuals.

The results speak for themselves.

Everyone had a great day and it is hoped Liz can return in the future. Many thanks to Liz Cooksey all round.

(words and images thanks to Roberta) 

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