Friday, 27 September 2019

Louise Bloomer

It is always a delight to have one of our members give the lecture. Many of you keep quiet about just how talented you are and Louise Bloomer is no exception. On the 7th September she came to talk to us about her work.

 The lovely Louise as she starts her lecture.

 The carpet design that is in her kitchen
 The fragmented work she liked using hydrageas and hexagons
 Her designs that were used by a card company.

 The wedding cake she did with embroidery
 Stitched portraits - the subject of the next workshop being run by Louise
 A close up of one of the pieces that became a card.

And finally some examples of Louise's other work


It was a fabulous lecture that was enjoyed by everyone and we were delighted to get this peek into Louise's textile life - she is clearly very talented indeed.

 (Photos by Maggie,  text by Roberta)

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