Monday, 8 July 2019

National Stitch Day 2019

National Stitch Day at the Black Country Living Museum – Saturday, 22nd June 2019

What a great and successful day!  After much preparation including cutting out felt for chain links and felt with sari-silk for bookmarks, a group of us met at the Black Country Museum to spread the word of our interest in stitch.  The day coincided with the ‘Windrush Event’ also being held near the entrance to the Museum.  There were 200-250 people coming from London, Nottingham, Leicester and our local area.  We not only had children and adults visiting the Museum itself, but also from this event.  They embroidered their names on the links, which are being kept at the Museum to be used in future events supporting the opening of the new 1940 -1960s village in four years time, and/or they threaded sari-silk through the felt bookmarks and embellished them with stitch which they could take home with them.
We were entertained with our own ‘walk-by’ fashion show of people dressed in costume of the day as they entered the main hall.  What lovely clothes they wore.  We were offered cake from a Caribbean cake shop and listened to a steel band.  Many people stopped by to chat and see what we were doing.  We spread the ‘word’.
Thank you all who attended on the day, and also to those who helped in the cutting out of felt at the Members’ Workshop.
Karina and Carole

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