Tuesday, 26 March 2019

A weekend residential with Clare Bullock

March 2019 saw us all back at Malvern for a brilliant weekend Nuno Felting and bowl making. This fabulous setting gave us chance to eat well, walk in beautiful surroundings, make wonderful felt pieces, listen to Clare's inspiring tales about her life , laugh , play games, tell stories and listen to Janet with a lot of  brilliant ladies. Thank you all for making it a great and productive weekend.

Thanks also go to Gail and Maggie for taking such lovely photographs. So good that I found it difficult to decide what to put in and leave out. So you are getting most of them!!

Clare showed us how to produce the pieces of nuno felt in a way I'd never done before and off we went. Most of us made up to 8 pieces and 2 or 3 bowls.

We went home with lots of backgrounds ready to stitch into and perhaps do a bit of Stitch meditation.

The pictures are not necessarily in sequence but I have tried to label them where necessary.
The lovely Clare Bullock demonstrating.

Look no rubber gloves!

Lots of Clare's work was available for us to look at. Lots of her work has really interesting stories behind them

These bowls look brilliant

Gorgeous , Margaret

gorgeous Louise

fabulous display

Good use was made of the hedge to dry our pieces

Una soaking up the sun

Margaret and Ruth having a well deserved sit in the sun after all that rubbing

Great group of people and a lovely end to a lovely weekend. spot martha!

stunning scenery

Thank you to Clare Bullock, Elim Conference Centre and all of the members for making it a great weekend.

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