Weekend residential with Wendy Dolan

Twenty one of us made our way to Malvern on Saturday morning to spend the weekend having  a brilliant workshop with Wendy Dolan. We were booked into the Elim Conference Centre in Malvern. It was in  a beautiful setting on the sides of the Malvern Hills. The grounds were lovely. Here follows a selection of the 200 photos taken.
Here we all are gathered for the group photo.

There was tea and coffee and cake on tap throughout the whole weekend.

It was too cold for the swimming pool but the view was good

The lower floor was our workroom and on the end was our lounge . The bedrooms were on the floors above .

Wendy started the day explaining the process. we traced our buildings and windows and layered up the various fabrics onto the base piece.

Ruth decided that she had enough fabric and didnt need to buy any more - But she did ! then she had to wear this tee shirt. Margaret is disgusted!

Wendy showing the fabrics laid out and stitched onto the background.

Carole getting down to business

...........and Denise contemplating

Whats amusing Martha? ....

Her mother of course! no change there Janet!

Guess whose table this is ???

drawing and tracing done

Then the fabrics pinned down for stitching

Lovely spacious room with the sun coming in through the blinds, coffee and tea at the end and the lovely lounge

Gill with her coloured papers ready to plan her piece

Janet getting to grips with her sewing machine

A beautiful piece of Wendy's work

Wendy then talked us through planning our colours and colour theory

Goodness knows where the smells coming from!!!!

Lorraine enjoying herself

playing with papers

Elise and Carole deep in conversation

After the drawing ,stitching and paper piecing we are ready to paint our fabric pieces

At the end of the day some of us went for a walk in the grounds

Carole, Una and Ruth  (photographer) and group leader Lillian

This one is for Janet!!!

Lillian made sure we stopped and reflected at various points on the walk.

The Cathedral walk

The window in our lounge as the sun set.

Maggie admiring the sunset

Lovely meal with good company

Ready for an evening of fun and games

Louise organised the bingo

Lillian won the Bunny ears, Wendy won the 'pickled onions! and Kay won the pretty Pig, We played pass the bomb and took part in quizzes the wine flowed and the chocolates went round and round!

Next morning and Margaret is raring to go.

Dina mixing her paints

Una preparing for stitching

Wendy demonstrating the machining

Dawn mixing her paints

Pat concentrating hard.

I think Lillian slept in these

Jean concentrating hard

Photos of work in progress

And finally all the beautiful work was laid out at the end of the weekend. Still lots to be done but everyone was pleased

Great thanks go to Wendy for an excellent 2 day workshop she was a brilliant and generous teacher who was very patient with us all.We all learnt loads. Great thanks go to Lillian and Carole for the organisation but especially to Carole who found this brilliant venue and really looked after us. 
Smashing weekend. 

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