Mixed Media Mosiacs Residential with Stevie Walker 2018

 The end of March saw us return to the Elim Centre in Malvern for another exciting residential weekend.
The beautiful finished piece that was the basis of the workshop. Not enough time to make one this big sadly!

Stevie bought her sketchbook to show us how this piece was developed.
 Some of the different squares that can be used.
 Developing the water soluble technique for the top panel
 Reverse applique ideas. 
 Samples of how the lady on the middle panel might have looked.
After some instructions from Stevie on how to colour synthetic fabric it was time to get started. 
 which involved a LOT of ironing of pre-painted transfer papers.
 Aren't they beautiful in their own right?
"What do you mean you're taking pictures? "
 Dyeing with tea
 And peeking to see if it has also done the underneath - 2 for 1 bargin!
Martha happily colouring fabric
 Janet being ...well Janet.
 Denise and Sharon getting busy with the paint.
 Heads down and concentrate on this table.
 Some more instructions from Stevie - taking it all in and making some notes.

 Then back to the workspaces to carry on.

 deciding how all the squares lined up on the fabric took some time.
 But finally they went "under the needle!"
Working out how to add the text 

Stevie showing us how to stitch onto the medium interfacing
 and another sample to inspire us.
some people didn't want to stop sewing! 
bottom sections all looking good!

 including Cheryl's tiny little pieces.
 Lillian added a thread for a bit of zing.
working on the dissolveable fabric section

Jean and Gail adding hand stitch

Everyone else working away

 Sometimes you just have to take the scissors to it!

 Little happy  cheer from Denise.
 At the end of the weekend there were 2 tables full of beautiful pieces - with homework for everyone to get their sections finished off and joined together.  Even incomplete,  they look amazing.

 A few close ups of some of the different approaches

And just time for one last thoughtful look at the original before it was time to pack up and go home - tired but happy.

 Thanks to Stevie for her excellent teaching and to Carole and Lillian for organising. What a great weekend.

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