work has started on Dress to Impress ready for Regional Day 

These are looking fabulous already. 


September work

These look very fun and colourful!  

March Pincushions 

Love these designs
cant help smiling at this one

 A classy collection.

 lovely vintage feel
 a good use of colour
 very elegant.

January/February work 

Some very interesting textures here!

November/December 2018

Here are some of the beautiful Christmas decorations made during the last two sessions of the year. The students were visited by adult members of the Branch and they also had a chance to take a sneak peek at what the rest of us get up to. Both groups were very interested to see all the different work being undertaken. It was a most enjoyable day all round. 

A huge thank you to our fabulous JETS team, who have worked tirelessly to make the new group a big success. We look forward to seeing all the fabulous work next year as the JETS continue to grow and thrive. 

October 2018

This month the JETS were working on designs and some pumpkins.  This is the continuation from work started in September.

 Some fabulous pumpkins - just right for this time of year
 details of a design (I love this combination of colours and textures)
 details of a different design. ( This is a fabulous use of suffolk puffs and again great combination of colours and textures)

 Some book covers and some more pumpkins. 

What a lovely lot of work. The group is getting better every month. Thanks to our JETS for letting us share their lovely stitching and thanks to the JETS team for running such a fab group. 


August saw the JETS team running an event at the Wildside Activity Centre 
(sorry some of the pictures have gone sideways. I will alter as soon as I work out how) 

Our three participants had a great morning and some lovely stitching was done.  Thanks to the team for running a great event.

July 2018
Two students who had not completed their pin cushions wanted to do so first.  Some neat stitches were done by both. (well done on being so industrious - I wish I was as good at finishing my projects - Elise)
The felt pieces made in June’s session were dry and so now came the stitching into the designs.  Running stitch, back stitch and straight stitch were used to embellish the felt. Using different threads the students were shown how to cast on and off correctly.  Another good session, with thought going into the designs.  Some students will continue with their work at home. 

 June 2018

We had a great session making felt pictures. It was the first time most of the students had made felt and they worked really hard, layering a background of undyed wool fibres before they added the colours they wanted for their pictures.

Some students chose to make a background for an animal picture, others made an abstract picture using their favourite colours.

They produced some really exciting work that they will be stitching into at their next group in July.

May 2018
We had our second JETS group on May19th. Thankfully the Royal Wedding did not deter our participants and our numbers are slowly growing.  We had 6 at our second group but have another couple of students who are planning to come along to our June meeting.

We are focusing on running stitch and straight stitches at the minute so that the younger students can become confident and independent stitchers. Our second session was very lively.  We made  pincushions of all shapes and sizes. The younger students made some lovely animal themed pincushions.  An old Singer Hand machine was useful at the end to help finish their work within the session.  The older students chose to make Cactus pincushions and became very excited about making the most unusual and interesting shapes.  They left the group planning to make a nursery of other cactus friends so we are looking forward to seeing them at the next meeting.

We are planning to make felt at the next group and hopefully produce some work for the Regional day in September - Mandy (Jets team)

April 2018

The first meeting of the new JETS group (Junior Embroidery Textile Students) was held on the 21st of April. It was a very successful session, with five young people attending. Their ages ranged from 8 to 14. With the help of our new JETS team, they focused on using running stitch and backstitch to make either a bookmark, greeting card or picture. There were templates of animals and other line drawings to use for inspiration.

The young people were pleased with their work and judging by the photos it was great fun with some excellent results.What a great start!

 Encouraging the next generation of textile artists is a key aim of our Branch and its fabulous that the JETS team are giving up their time to pass on their skills and love of embroidery and textiles. Well done to everyone concerned.

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