Monday, 30 July 2018

Tigley Textiles Workshop

 Showing samples of what we were going to attempt
 Simply beautiful
 Demonstrating the painting on fabric
 some stitch samples

 And then we had a go...

 using a fabric snippet to suggest a colour palette

 lots of smiley faces and lovely work!

 The pieces at the end of the day. Some finishing to be done but all looking lovely

 A fabulous workshop enjoyed by all.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Tigley Textiles

Enchanting embroideries along the coastal path

Our July 2018 lecture was a visit from Julie Brand of Tigley Textiles.
She grew up in Cornwall, in a family that believed in make do and mend so she was around needlework all her childhood. She started her career as a needlework teacher and then moved into special needs teaching but eventually wanted to follow her own creative path. After a brief spell of  running a shop  (which in her words "can be demoralising"), she decided to label herself a "textile artist" and set herself a list of targets so she would know when she had got there - including such things as having a website, taking part in Open Studios and having her own studio space - all of which she has achieved.

Nowadays she concentrates on teaching workshops based around the countryside, hares and dragonflies, flowers and the seaside

These are done in either hand stitch or machine embroidery. Julie uses a basket of patterned poplin cotton as  a starting point. She picks one piece of fabric to give her a colour theme and starts from there. The whole colour palette are tones of the shades in the fabric.  Often old lace and scraps of fabric are added and she often used Procion or natural dyes to get the colours she wants
the snippet basket

building up a garden scene

After her Mum passed away she inherited rather a lot of hankies and decided to combine them into one special blind she could hang in her house. The result is beautiful and the photos here really don't do it justice

She has also discovered snippet rolls (if you have a lot of spare time look them up on PINTREST - this comes with a health warning as you will lose hours of your life!)

This one was done to celebrate a wedding.

She has also made small books and mounted pictures into the back of an canvas to make a ready made frame. 

Two top tips - Size your work to fit a standard canvas and don't worry about the back of your work. "If anyone looks at it then they need to get out more"

It was a very entertaining lecture with some beautiful work and Members are eagerly awaiting the workshop at the end of the month, when they get to try this for themselves.