Monday, 28 May 2018

Mixed media by Pascale Bigot

On May 26th we had a fascinating lecture by Pascale Bigot on Mixed Media artwork.

Pascale is from France originally but has been living in the UK for a long time now. There was time for a quick chat with Una before the lecture started.  

 Pascale has studied many things over the years but surprisingly art is not one of them and she only started to take her painting seriously after she moved to England. Her main art now is Pastel painting with mixed media additions.  She starts with a pastel drawing, which is fixed with hairspray when she is happy with  it. Her recommended surface is Pastelmat because it will take all the glue and additions.  The art work is beautiful in itself before she adds anything. She showed us some pieces she is currently working on.

 includnig a quick demo on shading the face on this piece

 Some of the additional materials that might be used. No excuses now not to get all those oddments out of your cupboard!
 Gluing fabric onto a pastel painting. Pascale uses a variety of glues for her additions including silicon glue, superglue and PVA. Once, on holiday, she superglued her lips together and had to use a cutter to get them open (do NOT try this at home!)
 Her other love is Polymer Clay and she is a member of that Guild. Here she is showing us one of the embellishments she had pre-made to go on the painting. These are stuck on with superglue.
 This is the painting she worked on during the demonstration.
 Pascale also makes fused glass and polymer clay jewellry . Some examples of her work are shown below.

and here are some examples of her finished paintings. Very unusal and showing a huge talent
With flowers stuck on 
 With her handmake cabuchons (who doesnt love a bit of bling!)
 Cards showing a range of her work.
A fabulous lecture that left us all feeling inspired to dig out our mixed media supplies. Her top tip if you are not confident at drawing is to trace or use a photo as the starting point and work from there. Great advice and I look forward to seeing more mixed media work from us in future. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Cutting and Slashing with Karina Thompson

On the Saturday 12 th May we had a brilliant workshop with Karina Thonpson. It was a very relaxing and instructive day. Making use of odd bits of fabric 'the good the bad and the ugly'. It was interesting to note that one person's ugly fabric is someone else's Good and vice versa.
But the work that was produced was tremendous. ( Photos seem to have reversed in order apologies)

Karina's Work

Stitching the work the other way after stitching and slashing


Using the builders brass bristle brush to rough it up!

Using curved machined lines to slash 

Adding glitz to the piece

Adding plastic strips to the piece

Adding strips of leatherette

Guess who? with her stunning piece

Cutting diagonals

Karina in full flow at the beginning

stitching in the rows before slashing!

lots of cutting

And layering

Then the brushing

and the results