Sunday, 29 April 2018

Karina Thompson

 Today we welcomed back Karina Thompson with her new body of work after becoming interested in the process of slashing to create Faux Chenille
 Slashing depends upon the cut of the layers of fabric at 45 degrees on the bias. It's not dependant upon the stitch
 Slashing is the star, not the stitching. 'Ugly' fabrics can be used with great effect
These large panels are based on trees and are very heavy

 Karina uses digital embroidery
Scanned tumbling blocks with digital embroidery over the surface
 Cardiology has been a constant interest. Here is an embroidered image from an echo. Using software, a scanned digital image of the echo shows a single heartbeat - ''60 beats a Minute''
 A further body of work based on a collection of x-rays from a leprosy hospital from the 1980's
 Karina is using digital print with digital embroidery in her work
 Karina's now focussing on text, commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company

Thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon. This is a long way from Karina's former Medieval, distressed, historical pieces

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Shape and Structure exhibition

Our exhibition "Shape and Structure" is currently being held at the Red House Glass Cone (until the 13th May). With over 100 exhibits from more than 30 members the photos below are just a flavour of what is on show. It is a fabulous exhibition, showcasing a selection of our many talents and is proving very popular with the public.
(Unfortunately the lighting makes it very difficult to photograph works behind glass so apologies for the quality issues)

A sample of some of the pictures

 A fabulous array of 3D work was set up in the glass cabinets. to compliment the pictures

 And not forgetting the Elephant parade by Connect In Threads. An imaginative colourful addition to the exhibition.

Members day

The 14th of April saw us getting together for a "members day". This is open to all members of the Branch to come along, bring a project they want to work on, ask for help with any problems, finish that unfinished project and of course - chat and catch up.
 A commission being worked on
carefully stitching a spine
 Discussing ideas
 The teeny tiny hexagons! 
 Machines at the ready
Continuing the pieces from the Residential

 Art work and chat go hand in hand
 There was discussion.....
 and deep concentration.

 Another little fabric book being constructed.
 And ongoing work being progressed
 A happy smile that sums up the lovely relaxed day we all had.