Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Saturday  9th September 2017

Print, print and print some more - Alison Hulme

If you though the lecture on Friday evening was good, then those of us who attended Alison's workshop on Saturday were in for a treat.
Alison brought everything for us to use. She had dozens of thermofax screens, stencils, printing blocks and rollers. As well as all the paint we would need.

We started the day by creating a coloured surface with rollers using acrylic paint that had acrylic printing medium added to it.

Louise used a plain calico apron for her print surface.
We then started added the first layers with the thermofax screens.
.....and were delighted with the results
The layers were then built up using more and more screens



Louise's apron really developing now!!

After lunch we were shown how to use gelli plates with stencils.....

...........with some lovely results. Kay had one demonstrated into her sketch book

For those who had not used a gelli plate before there was absolute delight

 We had some brilliant pieces at the end of the day.

Thank you Alison for a brilliant day.


Alison Hulme "My Life in Stitch"

If you missed this evening's lecture from Alison Hulme. then I must apologise. It was a breath of fresh air and had everyone captivated from start to finish!
Alison's first piece followed by some ribbon embroidery 

Alison hates snobbery in art and happily frames her worked kits
Alison's first design of her own
City and Guild's at Fareham 

Alison worked as a "slave" for a tutor learning all the time
Close-up photographs of the quilt

Met Madeleine Millington at Bovey Tracey show in Devon
The feet came from a daily drawing exercise
They were worked with fabric and threads

Screen printed and machine stitched

Close up

Alison's husband - drawing around Alison's nude husband and then 300 hours of Kantha stitching

Each tube is A6 and stitched

Roller printing over stencils - later cut up, framed and sold
What the Butler saw contains a mirror like a heliotrope
Help for Heroes, cut back dyed fabrics and photographs of love letters
From picture to stitch, trying out rust paint
Alison's suggestion of taking a picture and doing it in 3,5,7 different ways

Close ups of the work

Alison was very frustrated when completing her degree with dyslexia
Close ups of the work

Try writing your name and address then machine stitching it for a stained glass effect

Me she and her - people writing their thoughts of Alison the person.

This was a traumatic time with a family bereavement so everything was got together, was torn up and it became a quilt
Alison's famous pinny - printed in different wrap-around sizes
Alison screen printing
Photographic emulsion in blue
The poly tunnel is now carpeted - runs of screen printed fabric are completed here
Cut 8 pieces of fabric and print one at a time
Modelling for the first time is Caroline Bell's daughter

More examples of Alison's prints
The final exhibition
Alison sold all of the pinafores and most of the bags at her final show
Graduation ceremony and showing her work at Alexandra Palace for the first time

Alison's delight at selling 3 pinny's to Clare Benn and the only nun at Alexandra Palace
More wonderful examples of Alison's work

Alison is proud to boast. Textiles has saved her life.
Thank you Alison for sharing your personal experiences with us at Wolverhampton.