Saturday, 24 June 2017

Eco Dyeing with Caroline Bell

We spent today creating the most incredible fabrics using leaves from local plants and trees under the guidance of Caroline Bell. We created 5 pieces of dyed silk using different methods and mordants.
It was a great day and and everyone was really excited by the results.
We started the day using onion skins. Fabric did not need to be mordanted

we layered the onion skins within the concertinaed silk and then rolled it up.

here are the rolls tied and labelled and ready for the pan.

some of Caroline's beautiful work

Caroline's work using some of the leaves on paper

some of the leaves ready for using

We then got to use eucalyptus leaves, again they did not need a mordant

The leaves were placed within the fold of the fabric and rolled around a pole and fastened with string

Again ready for the pan

We were then set the task of stitching some small pieces of silk to a background fabric ready for dyeing later in the day

The onion dyeing cooked and ready for unrolling.

Then the excitement of unrolling the onion fabric

The next piece involved placing leaves on the fabric folding it over and then folding it over a piece of tin or copper. The metal being used as the mordant

ready for the pan

all ready for the pan

some more of Caroline's work


more work from Caroline

Our eucalyptus fabrics are cooked and ready for unrolling

lovely red marks


Caroline introduced us to modifying. Where dyed fabrics need some change then an alkali or acid solution is used to make fabrics more yellow or red or ferrous sulphate is used to dull the colour

Time to unwrap the tins''

leaves were then included in folded fabric that had been soaked in ferrous sulphate then rolled and tied and cooked. 

some lovely results

This time leaves were mordanted rather than the silk and folded within the pieces we had stitched and then cooked

what follows are the brilliant results of a a great workshop . sorry if there are repeats but I didn't want to leave anyone out.

Our final stitched pieces emerging from the pan and unrolled

How happy are we!
Brilliant day thank you to  Caroline. You have left us with lots of lovely fabrics to stitch and loads of ideas about moving forward with this.