Monday, 22 May 2017

Book making with Ann Patterson

Ann Patterson led a brilliant workshop on Saturday making simple books. We were shown how to make four books in all and Ann gave us hints and tips along the way.

Firstly Ann showed us how to fold paper neatly and accurately.

Here are some of Ann's books just using simple concertina folds

some more of Ann's lovely books.

Ann demonstrated another book out of one sheet of paper 

Examples of work around the room

Then Ann showed us a very easy no stitch no glue book

more brilliant books

The last book was a stitch book . Ann shared with us the books she had make using mixed media .

She used some of these books as travel journals using old envelopes and other leaflets and bits of paper gathered on her journeys 

Tables around the room covered with lots of lovely papers, lace, and bits to go in people's books

Ann introduced many to the die cutting machine and. stamping Also she showed us ways to wrap the books after we had stitched with pamphlet stitch . This book was wrapped with a small piece of knitting made from scraps.

Show and tell at the end of the day sees loads of lovely books many 'work in  progress'

Many thanks Ann for a lovely day. Lots of hints and tips. Some lovely books were produced. 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Photography meets textiles with Maggie Finney

Examples of Maggie's textile work including the theme of space.

Maggie's albums of photographs

Image scanned onto the computer from an original glass plate. The image is worked into using Photoshop.

The room in anticipation for the lecture
Maggie began with a discussion of why we take photographs.
Photos for personal reasons, of family, for keeping records or as a design source.

Maggie's first landscape which began her journey into the realms of textiles.

Close up shot of a damsel fly which became a piece of canvas work stitched with tent stitch.
Landscapes.  Seascapes.

Maggie moves her camera quickly sometimes to capture a blur for showing the colours without detail.

Photographs can be transferred onto fabric by means of an iron on transfer. Maggie recommended Tesco's for the product. We can iron our fabric onto freezer paper and print our own images onto the material.
We all know how photography can inspire designs for textiles.  Today we were reminded and inspired by Maggie's journey.