Thursday, 16 March 2017

Lizzie Harper "Illustrating the Natural World"

Today we welcomed Lizzie Harding - a natural history and botanical illustrator
''The bumper book of nature'' by Stephen Morris, included Lizzie's husband posing while digging the garden in his wellies
Lizzie's wonderful illustrations can be seen throughout many different types of publications
Her paintings can be seen in books and magazines but she also works for organisations such as wildlife trust and  private commissions
Lizzie's works a rough in pencil and then a final painting in watercolour. She also uses Dr Martins hydrous inks mixed in with the watercolours
Lizzie particularly enjoys illustrating for packaging
Lizzie's work on ceramics
Private clients commissions
Lizzie has a good relationship with Jersey, designing stamps with floral/insect/wildlife motifs
Designing a set of stamps also includes a painting for the first day cover envelope to compliment the set of stamps
Interpretation boards are designed by Lizzie

This is an example of Lizzie working with water colours and inks
We were treated to see and handle Lizzie's sketch books showing her intricate work and experiments to obtain just the right shade of each colour

Here is Lizzie's paintbox
Lizzie's very fine paint brushes
Today has been a breath of fresh air. Seeing the design side and intricate nature of an artist at work.
Thank you Lizzie for an excellent, inspirational talk.