Saturday, 3 December 2016

2016 christmas workshop

We held our christmas workshop today which turned out to be a brilliant 'party'. Thirty people turned up and we sat around a long table many making 'trees of life' others just doing their own thing and there was lots of chat and loads of laughs. Ruth and Dina demonstrated the making of a tree of life and then people helped themselves to wires and nuggets and created some beautiful things.

Lunch was a 'bring a plate of food to share. There was a brilliant spread with plenty to eat and drink.

The results were beautiful as you can see below.

Bowls of nuggets for people to choose from

Making selections and cutting the wires

Dina organising her bits for people to use

What concentration!!!

lots of people and lots of chat

great spread for lunch

Ta dah!!!!!!!

Look at what we made!!

Ruth and Dina at the end of a very successful day!