Monday, 21 November 2016

Amanda Hislop "Layers in Land and Seascapes"

Today’s workshop was led by Amanda Hislop and was entitled “Layers in land and seascapes”.
The room was buzzing with anticipation as we all covered our tables with plastic sheets and donned our aprons ready to begin work straight away.

Amanda began by explaining how to prepare textured surfaces using fine muslin as a base. She covered the fabric with cellulose paste (made from cmc powder) and added torn strips of various different papers including tissue paper, tea bag paper, lens tissue (also known as tissuetex), and brown paper. She also added bits of thread and dried vegetation.
We had brought in our own photos for inspiration and after deciding which one to use we set about creating our own textured backgrounds using Amanda’s technique.

The morning passed very quickly and there was just time for Amanda to show us her method of adding colour to her surfaces before lunch. She used a combination of acrylic paint and water based dyes to build up areas of colour and interest
There was barely time to stop for lunch…. In fact Lorraine ate her sandwiches in a corner while drying her fabric ready for painting!
Some of us took the opportunity to look through Amanda’s lovely sketchbooks and be inspired to persevere with our own.

After lunch painting began in earnest and our textured fabric began to take on a new life - some pieces were vibrant while others were more atmospheric.
Later on Amanda shared a second technique with us, this time using watered down acrylic to paint directly on to calico and adding torn strips of lens tissue and tea bag paper afterwards to enhance the design through adding small areas of texture.
At the end of the afternoon we gathered round and admired the fruits of our labours.

 It was a busy but enjoyable day and we look forward to welcoming Amanda back sometime in 2018
Alison Parkes