Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wightwick Manor Exhibition

We will be holding an exhibition at Wightwick Manor in 2017 Easter next year, which will run for 2 weeks over the Easter Period, from

Saturday the 8th to Sunday the 23rd April 2017.

The exhibition is to coincide with the opening of a new purpose built gallery space for the National De Morgan collection (both William and Evelyn) who were prolific Pre-Raphaelite and  Arts & Crafts practitioners.

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Inspiration can be taken from anything relating to Wightwick;
  • The House 'Old English' style, popular with the Victorians.           Designed by the Architect Edward Ould.
  • The Collection William Morris, Arts & crafts, the Pre-Raphaelites and De Morgan amongst other pieces.
  • May Morris the daughter of William Morris who was an accomplished embroidery designer and taught at the Birmingham School of art.  Next year is being celebrated as the ‘May Morris year’.
  • The Family two of Theodore Manders sons married Indian Princesses, one of whom was also a very successful Hollywood actor and Director.
  • Politics Theodore Mander was Mayor of Wolverhampton and Geoffrey was an MP.  Geoffreys second wife Rosalie was selected as a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Liberal party.
  • The Grounds beautifully matured gardens, with lots of floral inspirations and colour.

We will not be able to hang work on the walls due to their own collection, so you will need to give real consideration to the pieces of work you would like to create and how they might be displayed.  Think of the types items you might create for your own home and how they might be placed or draped on furniture – cushions, throws, 3d items such as the tulips or vessels, including the felted bowls.  In fact, you may have completed items that you feel would be suitable.  If you feel that your piece of work needs to be framed, it will need to be free standing.

If you have visited the house, you may have identified a particular space in a room that you might want your item to be displayed.  If so, an important thing to bear in mind is that some of the rooms are roped so small items may not be seen properly from a distance. 

When we have all of the work in, we will take great care and consideration in their display, matching them to pieces in the collection to ensure that we really draw full attention to them.

Inspiration can also be found on the National Trust collections website;

Holds images of all items on display, plus many that are not, such as the many design drawings.

The De Morgan Foundation site, which holds images of their work.

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Submission Information

You can submit your commitment to exhibit forms at any point, from now until the 15th January 2017.  You can complete up to six pieces of work and are welcome to send commitment forms individually, as this would give me a continuous picture of the number and types of work being created.

Work will be required by no later than Sunday the 12th March – full details will be issued in January 2017.

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I will be coordinating the project with the House Steward at Wightwick.  If you have any questions or queries at all regarding to this exhibition, please contact me so that we can discuss them.

This is a very exciting opportunity for the branch and hopefully lots of you will get involved.  We are all very excited to be working with the National Trust at Wightwick and look forward to what will be a fantastic exhibition!


Sunday, 7 August 2016

National Stitch day August 2016

It was National Stitch Day  Saturday August 6th and Wolverhampton chose to celebrated it stitching  leaves at a local garden centre.  The Pavilion Garden Store on the Bridgnorth Road gave us a large table and comfortable chairs in a good space. They even provided us with a large tree on which to hang our leaves. Throughout the day members of the public and branch members stopped to chat and lots of stitching and coffee drinking took place. Many thanks to those who gave their time up  to help make it an excellent day.
All set up and ready to go

Table soon looked like a typical working area

Soon leaves were being hung on our tree