Thursday, 30 June 2016

Donna Rumble Smith workshop

We had a great  workshop on Saturday with Donna Rumble Smith. The aim of the workshop was to transfer handwritten text into machine embroidery. Firstly we all had a practice on calico to warm up . Then we chose a piece of text to hand write onto dissolvable fabric . Once the text was done we then had to join it all together with invisible thread so it didn't fall apart when it was washed out. Finally we trapped fibres between the layers of dissolvable and machined text on that before it was washed away. A really good workshop but for some their machines were nearly thrown out of the window given the machines reaction to dissolvable, invisible thread etc who knows but the air was blue in certain areas ! Having said all that the outcomes were impressive

Work started on the practice piece

Such was the concentration  

well done Una

Donna always ready to offer a helping hand

Donna demonstrating her techniques

machines at the ready. some more ready than others!

Donna and Lillian having a chat about poetry its not all about stitching !

Donna shows us some of our own work text joined by invisible thread

this piece had fibres trapped

more of Donna's work

donna's work

louise working on her dissolvable piece

some early attempts

Donna demonstrating the layering 

Such concentration!!

work in progress
All ready for home and washing out the dissolvable. For some this was their first attempt at free maching and using dissolvable so a great success thank you Donna.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Congratulations on regional Day

Today was Regional Day held by Birmingham branch at Oldbury, and Wolverhampton are to be congratulated once again
Congratulations to Margaret Biggs, whose work in the competition was "the people's favourite"
Here is Margaret holding her huge prize!

You will always be our favourite Margaret...well done, a well deserved winner xx

It doesn't stop there...Congratulations to Elaine for winning first prize in the raffle, a SEWING MACHINE!


Friday, 10 June 2016

Donna Rumble-Smith "Signatures Exchanged for Passwords"

Today we welcomed Donna Rumble-Smith with her exciting collection of work, exploring text in textiles
 Donna gives lectures and workshops  at Nottingham Trent University. She has a conceptual practice
 Donna refreshed her Art work by studying an MA and upon finding some hand written letters she found her inspiration
Writing her own stories and poetry in lovely handwriting developed into the work you see here. Reflective journals and ideas books allowed Donna to "have a moan on paper." Journals were made from scraps of paper and envelopes.
The title of the lecture came about through digital emails - hence the digital side of writing using a computerised sewing machine. The tumbling threads suggest wires and there is digital text in the tubes. Hidden messages with glow in the dark thread
A moment suspended, loops and curls represents the messages hanging in suspense waiting to be read when the computer is switched off
Donna's work is also on fashion garments - as she describes "it helps to pay the bills" as installation art doesn't
Setting at the Henry Foyle Trust Needle Museum in Redditch
Donna won first prize with this piece and the work stretched across the artefacts at the museum. entitled "Casting the Line Installation" as the museum also made fishing hooks as well as needles
Here is the multi-head embroidery machine Donna used at Nottingham and on the right text on aquafilm. The machine is programmed
Donna does occasionally undertake commission work and she gave an example of a poem which she wrote for a four year old boy
Stitching onto tracing paper after drawing the image and leaving trailing threads
The tracing paper is rolled up as she works and then the threads are left loose to hang at the end
More examples of Donna's work

A page of Donna's sketchbook showing lovely needle-weaving over paper strips

More stunning sketchbook pages

Section of a garment
Another hand drawn piece with text and the ends of thread left to hang

Thank you Donna for an inspiring afternoon. The workshop promises to be a great day and is fully booked
Please remember that the Nottingham Lace Archive is housed at Nottingham Trent University, kept by Amanda Briggs-Goode

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