Saturday, 21 May 2016

Relief Printing with Amanda Hillier and Molly

Today was a workshop by Amanda Hillier on Relief printing and what a relief we did not have to take anything but our lunch. Amanda provided everything and with her helper Molly ensured we had a stress free day. It was very organised and they washed our plates and kept the whole thing moving.

Initially we had to find a design that would lend itself to relief printing and sketch it out. Decisions had to be made as to which bits were the background and which bits were the foreground. Each part was then traced onto to the Softcut vinyl. The cutting then began green bits flying everywhere. Then the fun began with the printing.

We were all absolutely delighted with our final pieces. It was a lovely day but we were tired and aching at the end of the day but it was worth it.

Thank you Amanda and Molly for a brilliant workshop. 

Monday, 9 May 2016

Kate Farley

On this lovely sunny day we welcomed Kate Farley, who shared with us her Inspiration for Design and her Making of the product.

Here are some examples of Kate's finished work
Originally from Norfolk and now living in Birmingham, Kate is inspired by the landscape and in particular her allotment as we shall see 
The presentation is in three parts - Part 1
It was fascinating to hear how Kate sees shape and draws it in very simple shapes and lines of representation. Above we can see everyday items that have inspired Kate's designs - the Kenwood mixer, board games and cutlery amongst other things
Above is an excellent example of Kate at work. She loves "creating visual language" from the landscape while sitting on a train and looking out of the window
Egon Schiele's style of drawing has been an influence on Kate. Also the Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida and Ellsworth Kelly - making pattern from everyday life
Here are patterns from everyday life - window blinds, cars on a car park and so on
Kate enjoys working with collage
Part 2
When drawing in sketch books Kate views things from above, as well as straight on and from the side
The O X is Kate's representation of her rows of cabbages in her allotment
On the left is an example of using collage to achieve the required effect
Kate's book making and her fascination of the folded page and "tracking, surveying and mapping" without the use of glue
Below is a screen print, Kate's allotment and a landscape
A more detailed drawing for Kate's series 'Plot to Plate.'
These lovely pieces show Stitched and slotted flowers on a background of Kate's wallpaper patterns
Design for the fabric to match the wallpapers
The design was lino printed, then scanned and photo-shopped for the second colour addition, and then finally screen printed
Kate's XO fabric sold as bags - representing rows of cabbages
"Construct" is Kate's latest collection. She taught herself how to weave a rug for the project with the help of youtube
Part 3
"Food for Thought". Fish and the wooden forks
Interior Design of Kate's - interior public toilets

In Birmingham, 64 metres of hoarding using Kate's wallpaper designs. Pattern and communicating the history
3 gravel designs for roof tops at Birmingham Hospital
"Plot to Plate" collection.
Fruit and vegetables from the allotment. 
Cutlery inspired t-towels

                     Kate works with British manufacturers who print her wallpaper and fabrics

Kate's fascination for cutlery seen from all angles

Handmade cardboard forks and dragged ink, were used for these lovely linear pieces on paper

The dragged ink designs on laminate
Textura - 5 designs in the collection
Kate's blog Drawn to Design
Kate began by designing and making everything herself. She now designs everything and has British manufacturers make it for her
Thank you Kate for an inspiring sight into how you work

Pictures by Ruth