Sunday, 17 April 2016

April members day

It was 'do your own thing day' last Saturday.. Which to some of us meant a nightmare week of deciding what  to do and to others was manna from heaven! The room was split into 3 areas - a wet area, a dry area and an electric area. In the wet area members printed with their Gelli plates and some experimenting was done using a die cutter to print with.

Elaine getting stuck in

Margaret and Sally printing with the die cutting machine

In the dry area members stitched and sketched and made polymer clay canes.
Lillian and Margaret admiring Clare's sketch book

Di's Chinese book

Lots of chatting going on

Then the end group had their sewing machines out and Una demonstrated her Jean Mobbs Blobs!! Michelle and Sally had their first play on the embellisher with great results.

Denise admiring Katie's beautifully stitched faces

Michelle having her first go on the embellisher 

As a branch we have to produce a page for the Regional Book that represents us. A few years ago we stitched some embroidered postcards of Wolverhampton these were photographed and printed onto fabric. The printed fabric was passed around the room on Saturday ad everyone stitched a little bit of it. 
We also launched our Chair's Challenge . Members have been given a piece of bark cloth to do something with by the October AGM. When we will vote on them . 

The highlight of the day was an exhibition of work by our Sponsored Student Katie for her A level. The work was inspirational and her sketch books were so exciting . Well done Katie.

It was an excellent day. Thanks to Lillian for helping Ruth work her way through her huge pile of UFOs ( Unfinished Objects) and enable her to come away with some ideas what to do with them, One of our new members mentioned how much she had learned just by talking to people around her and felt a lot more confident about her work.