Monday, 21 March 2016

book making with Lesley Crawley

This weekend we had a brilliant residential at Parkfield Quilting Retreat in Stourport. This is the second year we have spent here. Lesley Crawley led the workshop and we made loads of books. We stitched books using coptic and french stitch. We used papers that we had printed and marbled. We constructed books using  lotus folding , creating dragon books, turkish and hungarian map books. Then we were introduced to  blizzard and flag books. We had plenty of delicious food and wine. And had a great social evening playing Bingo and Pass the Bomb with some really exceptional prizes!

Relaxing with tea before the day begins

Margaret and Lillian preparing their papers for the first book

Dina preparing her printed papers

This was reputedly the group with 'special' needs but that is disputed given the quality of their  books.

Lesley and Joy in deep discussion

Roberta,Elise,Clare and Dina really hard at it!

Gathering for the demonstration

Lillian stitching her spine!

More stitching of spines

I am getting the evil eye!

Lorraine focusing on her spine

Alison and Margaret getting 'special'help from teacher

Denise and Maggie eyes down and concentrating

Busy tables

more busy tables

and yet more

Some of our lotus books

All ready for our dinner

Our very shy tutor!

Spot the puppy in the garden

Relaxing with wine ready for the fun and games!

Some one won this at the bingo for those of you not there can you guess who it is?

'Carole and Roberta do not know what they are missing' says Dina 'this wine is to die for'

Look what we have  made so far. A display of some of our first days's work!

Day 2 begins with a lessons in coptic stitching

eyes down for a finished book and suddenly it all went quiet!

Can you tell who Carole is sitting next to? How clear is her area!

'They are on your head ,Mum'

Something has tickled Alison's fancy

Denise intent on stitching, TP!

fan accordion

Blizzard book

Lorraine in a Blizzard

Lesley's Flag book

What's going on over there??? I cant believe it!

More flag books

final show

Didn't we do well??

It wasn't me! Are you blaming me? I'm saying nothing

Roberta's Flag book
We had an amazing weekend. Lesley our tutor was brilliant everybody said what a lovely teacher she was. We were all absolutely tired out but thrilled to be going home with lots of finished books with plans to make more and  promising to draw and write in the ones we had made.

 Thank you  to Kath at Parkview for the great venue and food. Thank you Lesley for the excellent workshop.
Til 2017!