Sunday, 12 July 2015

Ruth Brown - Cynotype Workshop

On Saturday we had a brilliant day learning how to Cynotype with Ruth Brown
 ( www. ).
This process involved exposing prepared fabric to light either via the sun or a sun bed. We had to bring loads of different vegetation and objects that could be laid on the fabric and  thus produce an image when exposed to the light.
We first had to paint our own fabric with the chemicals and let them dry. As these were drying Ruth gave us a piece of fabric each that she had prepared and we were encouraged to place all sorts of objects and plants on it to create a sample so that when our own pieces were dry we knew how things worked.
all plants laid out ready to use

First the cuppa then off we go!! Not sure whats in the tea'

Roberta preparing her fabric

fabric being pinned out ready to paint

Ruth's sample showing cynotypes from negatives, ferns and other plants some laid under glass

interesting effects gained from objects being closer or further away from the fabric giving a ghosting effect.

the colour of the treated fabric before exposure to the light

fabric is pinned out onto polystyrene

Some sample pieces under the sun lamp

Fabrics then had to be washed

The fabric is then soaked  in hydrongen peroxide. Please note Margaret's shock when Roberta told us that her mother used to  cleaned her teeth with hydrogen peroxide!!!!!
effects from knitted wire tube.


different exposure times give different shades

different fabrics give different effects

velvet gives different shades

The result of crumpling the fabric and exposing it bit by bit throughout the process under the lamp

Louise covering her fabric with tiny bits, hooks and eyes etc

Our sponsored student Katie with Margaret and Carole concentrating on laying out their pieces

Cheryl carefully laying out her plant and lace

Lorraine's pieces

Elaine's piece for above and below????

Roberta's use of letters

Una's feathers and grasses

Katie's lovely design


Ruth showed us how to create a negative from a photograph and the effects of placing it on the fabric

This beautiful silk jacket shows the use of a negative dragonfly and real leaves

This shows the use of a positive and negative image.

This piece shows the use of eyelash yarn and marks made by permanent marker on the acetate 

Ruth then showed us how pieces can be coloured after

This is over painted with silk paints

Last pieces under the lamp

Everything left to dry

Maggie used some negatives on glass plates

Carole's hat and doilly worked to make a little girl

Margaret made good use of husband's bits and bobs!!

A lovely day was had by all. Far more intensive than we expected but worthwhile as we wandered home with our wet bits! Thank you , Ruth Brown.