Friday, 29 May 2015

members day may 2015

A small group of us met last Saturday to have a stitch and a natter. some of us bought the fabric we had printed at a previous workshop, to stitch.,others carried on with our Africa pieces and one person printed more fabric.

As you can see from the first few photos - people were very focused on what they were doing

Una's beautiful African piece

Hopefully our new member!

Lillian and Janet breaking for refreasments

The printing effort!

Is there anybody there??
. It was a really lovely day. We also had a visitor who we are hoping is going to join us

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Working with Indigo with Magie Relph

Following Magie's brilliant lecture on indigo dyeing in the morning a group of us partook in a workshop where Magie introduced to us a way of using our indigo fabrics in the afternoon. This approach of having a lecture in the morning and a half day workshop in the afternoon was a first for us and worked really well. .

Magi showing samples of what we could create 

Using small pieces of indigo fabric, pieces old and new

Fabrics laid out and pinned 

A quilt made by Magie using indigo dyed fabric

Lots of examples of our work

Magie's samples hung on the wall for inspiration this one is machine stitched

and this one is hand stitched

Una and Magie discussing Una's work

lots of us were tempted by the baskets and beautiful fabrics 

Bob Magie's helpful husband

Louise's design for a bag

All laid out for all to see

Many thanks to Magie and Bob for a brilliant day. We have been left with lots of lovely sewing to do . Magie and Bob can be found at