Saturday, 28 March 2015

Residential weekend with Annette Emms march 2015

We had a brilliant weekend away with Annette Emms at Parkfield Quilting Retreat in Stourport on Seven. Many of our members attended. It was an inspirational weekend with good accommodation, good food and plenty of laughter. Many photos were taken and a selection can be found on its own page on the blog with same heading as above. (See tabs above)

 If you are interested in more information about using this venue for a residential for your own group please contact Wolverhampton embroiderers for details.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Jacqui Hyman -Textile conservator

Jacqui Hyman from the Textile Restoration Studio from gave a talk on Saturday about her extensive experience of conserving  textiles and the consequences of mixing textiles with Sticky tape, Moths and Men.
She informed us about the difference between a conserver and a restorer of textiles. The former is to do with conserving what is there and not adding new things and the latter is adding materials that make the item look like new. It was interesting to note that museums want items conserved and not restored. Jacqui does do restoring but in the main conserves textiles.

 This slide shows the damage done when tape is used to mend a textile and when it is removed the damage caused
 the majority of items are tested for fastness and then washed . Each textile has a customised tank created so the textile can be carefully washed flat and specialist soap is used.
 The work demands patience and great care to repair splits

all old adhesives have to be removed.

Some items are then covered with specialist adhesive and very fine silk, dyed to the right colour to keep all pieces in place. Often with moth holes small pieces of newer fabric are selected and dyed to the right colour and carefully stitched in place if the piece is to be restored. Jacqui will source out old threads for repair as the colours are more appropriate.

Jacqui and her husband deal with a range of textiles from varying eras including trades union banners, cricket caps, 400 year old tapestries and church altar clothes which have to be meticulously stitched.

This was an enlightening talk and much admiration has to be given to Jacqui for her work in conserving much of our textile heritage. Thank you, If you would like more information about this work then you can visit Jacqui's website on