Sunday, 25 January 2015

Polymer clay workshop with Val Harrison Jones

On Saturday we had a brilliant workshop with Val Harrison Jones. For many of the group it was the first introduction to Polymer Clay. Val arrived with loads of clay and equipment and we didnt need to bring anything which made a brilliant change. It was a super day people got totally engrossed to the point where they had to be reminded over and over again to have their lunch. There was loads of whooping! around the room as loads of beautiful designs were exposed when canes and blocks were cut into . We made earrings, pendants,  buttons and all sorts of other embellishments . There were few concerns about outcomes as the process was so enjoyable.

The day started with selecting our clays then 'curing' it using the pasta makers to soften the clay and make it pliable

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clay sheets are cut and rolled into 'canes'

Val helping 

here is some of Val's lovely work

And some more

Using the clay to make bowls, christmas decoration, and cover glassess and candle holders

All the ovens set up to take our creations

an example of a beautiful cane and pressed sheet of 'waste'

the beginnings of a cane

Lots of chat 

examples of our work

Dina's organised table!!!but a beautiful creation!!

The intesity of production was amazing. all heads down.

Brilliant day, brilliant play day and brilliant outcomes . Thanks Val.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Ruth Tykiff's trip to Jaipur in 2013

 The room filled with members and visitors, eager to hear about Ruth's trip to Jaipur in 2013

 This is one of Ruth's textiles from the Goa
 Here is another close-up of this large cover - fantastic colour and detail
 Before the talk began, we welcomed Stephanie Harper who had a lot of encouraging things to say about the Embroiderers' Guild as a whole and as a region
The Pink City; painted to celebrate a Royal visit but it was liked so much it remains today
 Tiny windows so that the ladies may peep out
 For those of you who do not know...this is Ruth
 Some of the wonderful wood blocks from Ruth's collection
 Rug making - weaving accomplished by the men
 Carving of the wood blocks - painted white and then carved - accomplished by the men
 Here is one of the long print tables depicting the 'drop cloth'
 Here is a close-up of a drop cloth - rich in pattern and colour
 Another view of a print table in a simple basic room with shelves of thickened dyes
 Here is a garment in the process of being printed
 Machine sewing - accomplished by the men
 Close - up of a drop cloth. We all loved the drop cloths which in effect are the over-printed left overs after the block printing has been achieved
 Block printing with registration accomplished by a good eye and the accuracy of the way the block has been carved
This is Ruth with her block printed fabric she completed in Jaipur 
 This beautiful photo had to be included
 Shibori, before and after the indigo dye-bath
 Close-up of the shibori, tied tightly in preparation for the indigo dye-bath
 Shibori fabric lying on an indigo fabric
 Here a lady is hand stitching the tight shibori work
Close-up of dyeing the fabric 
 Dyeing the fabric
 'Dabu' printing - sprinkling powdered mud onto fabric
 The fabric is laid out in the sun to dry and harden the mud on the cloth. It cracks and dyes
More information to follow on this technique at a later date
The blocks are tied into groups - each group makes one design, each block in each group is a separate colourway
 Part of the trip included a wedding ceremony
 A trip to the paper making company who supply Paperchase
 They are very proud of their recycling the water making pulp from rags
 The men work 12 hours a day and produce 200 sheets of paper an hour in soaking wet conditions
 Making holes in a block - without electricity - the block is later separated into individual very small little blocks
Carved blocks
This lovely lady sold Ruth a wonderful elephant fabric and covers - you can see it in the next picture, as a table cover

 One of the wonderful sights in Jaipur, a decorated elephant
 More elephants
 One of the pictures from the Monkey Temple
 Ruth and Indigo fabrics

 This fabric was printed on a very fine cloth - stunning
 A collection of Ruth's blocks and the book "BALOTRA, The Complex Language of Print"
 More wonderful blocks - pieces of Art in their own right
Thanks also to Janet, who displayed her lovely collection of Indian fabrics - here is just a snippet
Our thanks to Ruth for an Amazing talk :)