Saturday, 25 October 2014

A little bit abstract with Anne Menary

We all had a wonderful day today. taking inspiration from various abstract artists such as Picasso, Miro and Klee. Layers were built up on a frame. Initially backgrounds were produced by takings rubbings off textured surfaces onto calico with fabric crayons . Fabrics were then layered and trapped. Edgings were put on and stitches and words were added. It was a lovely day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.
Making sure the fabric is well pressed

preparing fabrics making rubbings  on calico with fabric crayons

pinning out the fabric on a frame

layering up the fabrics

Then putting a layer on top

Edges added

time for a tea break!!!

work in progress

All busy

Anne discussing things with Una

Love the piles of threads and fabrics we created some might call it a mess but we call it creativity

Ann helping Lillian

more creativity

and more

even more

and more

Work so far - leaving us loads to do when we get home but still looking good

lovely day great friendship and great outcomes!!!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Diane Gaffney -Textiles for Ceremonies

Diane Gaffney gave a lecture today on ceremonial textiles from Java,Bali and Northen Thailand. We discussed how dress defines us all in situations such as ceremonies, uniform, identification etc. Then Diane showed us slides of the Javanese use of batik on silk. We saw the beautiful costumes embellished with gold that are often hired for weddings. . We learned about the ceremonies on Bali where they decorate their homes and have to wear sarongs and sashes to the ceremonies. We visited the H'mong village in Northern Thailand where new costumes are created every year for the new year. Finally we saw the embroidery of the Yao people of Laos and Thailand. The girl has to embroiderer her trousers before her wedding.

Diane then invited members to model the costumes she had bought with her which was really enjoyable, informative and great fun.

Dot looked lovely in this top

Martha trying  on a jacket

Bernadette having a bun added to her hair.

Dot in her sarong

Bernadette modelling

Jean and Diane displaying a beautiful sarong

The reverse of the fabric

Louise modelling the sarong

The green fabric is appliqued on .

Louise looking lovely in the sarong and beautiful jacket

Hat wearing time with Clare and Debbie below

Debbie modelling the jacket with the modesty piece 

Debbie and Diane getting cosy

Thus the outfit is complete

Balancing the bowl

Bernadette looking stunning in her sarong and hat

The central panel of the skirt that will be pleated. The background is indigo and the red is applique representing rivers and  the whole cloth represents the tribe's journey

Debbie in a pleated skirt and embroidered apron complete with beaded headgear looking lovelyr

Clare being dressed in the embroidered trousers

Clare posing in her coat with its pompom collar

Clare having her pom poms felt!!!

Clare looking amazing in her turban.

Many thanks to Diane and all the volunteer models for a great afternoon.