Monday, 18 August 2014

August Members' Workshop

 We set down to work very quickly
 Janet brought her fly
 We all had individual projects to work on
 Jude's cushion (background) for her niece was finally finished! The wonderful Connect in Threads work (foreground) looks lovely waiting to be mounted...even in a pile from the side they look great
Experimenting how they would look on two boards for the exhibition
 Ruth and Una worked as part of a group to make bunting for our forthcoming exhibition
 Everyone worked hard today

 Sketch books and items for "Looking Through" such as Lillian's lutrador vase
 It was really great to see the bunting grow...
 ...and grow
 Debbie's felt hanging for "Looking Through" proved a great talking point and would make a lovely advert for our exhibition
 Artistic sewing basket!
 Lillian working on soluble fabric making butterflies to finish her exhibition piece
 Still the bunting grows with Una's lovely fabrics
 ....nearly there now

Well done girls - bunting done to perfection. Stunning colours and fabrics. You make me so proud!

 The rest of the afternoon gave time to socialising and sharing our work and our knowledge with one another

  Ruth shared her prints from a Bobby Britnell/Ruth Issett workshop
 We had a great productive day as always. Hope you all feel as bright as Diana's finches!

Monday, 4 August 2014

National Sewing Day

August 2nd was National Sewing Day 

Whatever you stitched...

wherever you were...

surrounded by fabrics and threads...

We hope you managed to create...

As some of our ladies did...on the beach...on a course... and in the comfort of their own home