Thursday, 31 July 2014

Jane Davies - Chinese Braids and Hand Embroidery workshop

"We had a very good workshop, everyone seemed to enjoy it"
 Colourful braids to make your mouth water
Hand Embroidered stitches over the braids

 Pat's work
 Alison's Panel
 This is Mandy's work
 In the afternoon we did embroidered flowers over paper templates ‏           

My thanks to Joy for taking the photographs for this workshop
Well done to everyone who attended, the work looks lovely. Please remember to bring it along to our first lecture in September to share. JL

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Jane Davies -Chinese textiles

Jane Davies spoke to us about her trip 3 or 4 years ago to South West China to an area very few westerners get to see. It was near to the borders of Thailand and Vietnam. 
She was able to track down some traditional dress and showed us slides of people wearing it but she also related that China was moving on at a rate of knots and that traditional skills were dying out to be replaced by machine made braids and embroidery used on polyester not cotton. Clothes are being adorned with masses of plastic beads as can be seen on the little girl's dress below. 

A traditional jacket with braid attached

There is a tradition of heavily pleating skirts that have a separate front and back

then side pieces are attached over the top

and an apron added

this was an apron made of cotton that had been treated with blood to give it a shine. 

There  is a tradition of indigo dying but no mordants are used so they can' t be washed

These are machine ambroidered collared worked in stitch that looks very much like traditional hand cross stitch

Some of the beads and braids used to make phone holders. old meets new!

This little over the shoulder jacket had built in  pockets using the old braids as decoration

This was a hat that Jane's mother had bought for her grandson years ago to help ward off evil spirits.!!

some examples of hand and machine embroidery

If you look closeley you can see separate tiny pieces of folded fabric making up this fish and the picture below shows some of the initial process

A coat that janet had made for herself using traditional braid

Jane had an array of very colourful items to show us and in the workshop in a fortnight we will be using braids and Chinese embroidery to embellish bags and cushions.