Sunday, 29 June 2014

Jenny O'Leary "Batik on Tissue"

At Wolverhampton branch of the Embroiderers' Guild, we pride ourselves on being Artistic, experimental and enthusiastic. Today was one of our Art days and we couldn't wait to start our Batik on Tissue paper - not a stitch or thread in sight!
 The play table
Jenny's work and lots of samples to inspire and guide us

 Jenny's step by step guide of the four stages of today's work using tissue paper, bleach and drawing inks - this was once a sheet of black tissue paper!
 There was lots to see
 The bleach room...
 The fun begins and a mountain of tissue paper descends
 Discussion on the subject matter - geometric, pictorial or organic?
 Jenny suggested we photographed our work at stages
This is Jude's with layers of tissue strips. There is also a layer of builder's scrim running across in 2 strips. No wax and no ink
 Martha experimenting with scrunched up tissue paper
 When working on the tissue, the drawing for the wax batik is first done with chalk
 After the waxing, the bleaching begins...LOOK OUT...Debbie, is that you?
 We often welcome friends to workshops and share our skills whenever we can
 As Jean applies the hot wax to her tissue paper you can see one of the mini deep fat fryers that Jenny uses
 Jenny helped everyone individually
 Building a collage of tissue shapes
 Jude's tissue collage on A3 brown tissue with the chalk drawing for the wax lines
 Jenny demonstrating the stage of applying drawing inks after the waxing and after the bleaching
 Sometimes the colour of ink blends with the tissue - other times it contrasts
 Jude's inking stage for an A4 piece - inspired by a machine embroidery on the right
 Jude's A3 piece again with bleached lines 
 The day was very productive as usual
  Loving the yellow chalk still visible on Ruth's, trapped by the wax
Some of us even managed to iron away the wax between sheets of newspaper
 Martha's collage piece using positive and negative shapes of butterflies
Here are the results in their wonderful abundance of colour, texture and pattern
 Jean - such vivid colours

 So dramatic!
 Claire's architectural pieces
 Margaret's garden

 Lillian's "lovelies"
 Lillian's sculptural piece
 Claire's friend - now our friend from Bristol
 Work on canvas and in sketch books

 Jude's canvas and paper work all inspired from the embroidery 
 Martha's on printed bags and newspaper (the Molineux is beneath the batik above)
 Debbie on paper...
 Debbie on canvas

We had a lovely day thanks to Jenny's inspirational teaching and in wonderful company as always. Some of you escaped my lens at the end of the day as there was a lot of cleaning up to perform. My apologies if you are not in dispatches - please bring your work to the next lecture and I will snap you and include you in an update.
Thank you everyone