Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tulips - Member's Workshop

 Una's work inspired us from the start. Stuffed tulips in abundance, tulip vases and lino printed cards
 The aim was for us each to make 3 tulips today
 Una demonstrated and made more tulips
 Elaine ironing the petals. The choice of fabric for the petals was very important
 We all got to work very quickly, full of enthusiasm
 Dina choosing the fabric for her leaves.
 Loving the 'pink' sewing machine Dina
''The quiet table''
 Great to see Janet on a sewing machine
 Debbie making a 'chicken' tulip
 Ruth with a very large tulip - must have been a very large seam allowance!
 Tulips started to appear... a variety of hand dyed fabrics. Stuffed and gathered ready for the next stage
 "Cake time"
 Janet's tulip in organza. They will be part of Janet's entry for regional day
Una demonstrated the preparation for attaching the stem
The position of the leaf can be anywhere you prefer on the stem
The leaves were machine quilted and wrapped around the stem 
Hand embroidery attached the leaves
 This stage of the tulip, where the stems were fitted into the flower and then hand stitched caused a lot of laughter as you can see
 This tricky procedure was done as demonstrated by Ruth; resting the flower like so, to enable hand stitching around the petals onto the stem
 The 'naughty' table continued to have fun
 Janet's two tulips
 Just a minute...Ruth's on the left...Elaine's on the right...Little and Large?
 Maggie's delicate yellow tulip
 Dina's textured tulip
 Jude's leaves and stem in a furnishing fabric which proved to be ideal
 Ruth wearing her larger than life finished tulip
 Yvonne used the same fabric for stem and flower with stunning effect
 Jude's tulip was made using a gelli printed fabric
 Ruth's suggestion for displaying her tulips
 After a lot of hard work the tulips were finished
...and made a wonderful display of colour and texture


We were thrilled with the results and cannot wait to see them on display in our forthcoming exhibition later in the year
Thank you Una for all your help and hard work today. It has been a lovely way to spend a day with friends

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lecture - Anne Menary- The fabric of the Universe

Today we were treated to a very entertaining lecture by Anne Menary.

Anne had studied textiles at Birmingham Polytechnic and has gone on to teach hand embroidery and design in Adult Education in Derbyshire.

She undertakes lots of commissions but really enjoys taking a subject and then doing a series of pieces of work.

Her Fabric of the Universe comes from her interest in science and 'what is out there'.

Much of Anne's work contains quotes, or humorous messages that Anne has created herself.

These are two of a series that Anne has done based on 'Postcards from a Time Traveller'

She has also done smaller postcards

All of Anne's work starts as a paper collage
 drawn from her interests in a particular subject or from her wonderful sketchbooks.
These two pieces are taken from her interest in the universe and  about seeing the earth from other planets

... and this is one of a series displaying the constellations. It also includes pieces of 'given' or 'found fabrics from her fabric stash. She even uses Crimplene to give an interesting surface to her planets!!

All of Anne's work is hand embroidered using traditional stitches and often incorporates recycled samples or old work! She also adds recycled vintage embroidery.
Anne displays a great sense of humour and certainly made us smile! Thank you.