Sunday, 27 April 2014

Judith Lovatt "Looking Through" Members Workshop

Today we began the hard work of beginning our work for our next exhibition to be held later this year
 Some work has resurfaced - the unfinished lonely fabrics arising to new prospects and with a new found purpose! Like Pat's wonderful transparent hangings which will float one in front of the other
 A recent project begun by Lillian on Lutrador - again creams on white in couched threads and added detail of flowers, leaves and butterflies on dissolvable fabric
 Margaret has completed a journal, each page telling its own story in lots of different techniques. It will now be mounted into a cover so it can read as the pages of a journal
 Margaret began her new project today - you can see the photographs of a sunset, taken from her dining room window
Four embroideries will make up the piece on black silk
Ruth is well on the way with her planning for a stained glass window - probably why she is looking so happy
 One quarter of the window is being practised on soluble fabric - lovely choice of colours Ruth
 With the fabrics trapped, the design drawn, the machining can begin. Unfortunately there was a cabinet door...??...??... but that's another story!
 Carole's idea is to look through a magnifying glass at a section of a butterfly wing, but to also show the butterfly in its entirety
Carole cut a circle from an enlarged butterfly wing, representing a magnifying glass lens. On it, or through it, will be a butterfly in its entirety 
It was so nice to see one member helping another - which is what we do and it  is what we are very good at! By Yvonne photographing Carole's drawing, Carole was able to manipulate ideas to the full
 Yvonne has resurfaced a project - these individual machine embroidered flowers are glued to wired stems and attached to a Perspex rod
 These lovely flower heads will be at the base of a Perspex cylinder. The colours are sumptuous Yvonne
 Joy's "looking through" a castle window which has been quilted. Today Joy hand embroidered a tree onto the view whilst planning further details for the window/wall/foliage
 Louise is in the early stages of making a kaleidoscope - great way of using up your precious little pieces of fabric Louise
 Everyone was excited about an app Louise had of enabling you to turn your buttons and sequins (or whatever) into a kaleidoscope pattern. Such an asset we all want and need
Debbie is working in hand embroidery on felt to make a surround for a mirror/garland/crown...time will tell. A lovely colour scheme Debbie
 Mandy's sketches have made their way to samples of work on painted silk
 She is working hard on samples to achieve the desired effect of floating sea life beneath layers of organza
Dina is working on tiny canvases with wire, sequin waste and fabric with drawn threads. She is developing some very exciting, promising and individual pieces
 Margaret has a wonderful lino print of a door
 Lino printed on good quality tracing paper
 Here is the gelli plate - you can see the door image and some wonderful flaky texture on the right
 Una has completed her Lutrador project from our last workshop - you can look through the areas that have been melted away with a heat gun to the reflective surface beneath
 Una began a new project of a 3D vase using sari silk
 It allows the viewer to look through and can be manipulated to change shape as it grows
I am not sure Una is taking this vessel seriously...
I am sure, however, that everyone worked very hard today
We all worked to our strengths and made important design decisions for our work to make it the best it can be
This is going to be our most impressive exhibition without a doubt

Monday, 7 April 2014

Pauline Bloomfield April 2014

Today we welcomed Pauline Bloomfield
Pauline sees her work as Narrative Textiles, after studying Graphics originally, at Leeds
We enjoyed examining Pauline's sketch books which were full to bursting of African based drawings, collage and tissue paper work. She has been inspired by black writers/poets 


 The four pieces above are very small fabrics in Pauline's sketch book and are a reminder that work doesn't have to be large to be important - these are tiny A6
 Ceramic "Creation Stones" - the one on the right is Raku fired - impressed with blocks and flowers/stems 
 In the early days, Pauline's figures were cut from felt, but she then discovered very dense free machine embroidery and has broken many needles over the years in order to obtain the desired effect
Ancient African Rock paintings have inspired Pauline, together with ancient African Gods/Goddesses and legends. above is part of the creation...figures floating and being lowered from heaven to earth
The silhouette figures were originally dark brown or black. They have developed into more colourful figures with more detail and with hair. Visits to Jamaica and Crete may have influenced the colourful change

You can now see the wispy wool tops with free machine embroidery

On the table you may be able to see Pauline's use of wool tops as part of the background. They are laid down together with painted organza, and then free machine embroidered over 
Pauline sees her future work involving more ceramics. It may be that she tries to combine ceramics into her textile work.