Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Yvonne Flavell Machine Embroidery Workshop

Last Saturday 25th January 2014 fifteen members of the branch took part in a workshop where we learnt many new machine embroidery techniques under the expert guidance of Yvonne Flavell. It was an amazing day where many of us who had been machining for years realised there was still many things to learn about the art. By adjusting the top tension of the machine and moving the fabric in the hoop, both slow and fast we were able to create the beautiful pieces you can see below. Yvonne took us step by step through the process.
Yvonne's work is inspirational.

Yvonne shared her wonderful box of threads for initial inspiration!

Then after guidance on preparing our frames - 'I hope you are paying attention Elaine!!' - and demonstration of adjusting tension and use of different speeds of the machine we were off!!

 Carole and......
 Elaine really had to concentrate!!

 Yvonne the showed us how to use dissolvable film placed in the hoop, to create 'spidery' designs 

but Claire decided to do something different!

We then used a small ready printed motif which was applied to the calico in the hoop as a starting point and added all the techniques we had tried during the day to create a new design!

and these are some of the results of our most enjoyable day........

Thank you Yvonne

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Nicki Williams Lecture

Today we welcomed Nicki Williams
These are small under ''Worthing Pier'' structures
Nicki works in both two and three dimensions in mixed media with free machine embroidery.
Nicki's series of mirrors were designed from architectural forms

 Nicki worked with John Blundell and spent a lot of time drawing his puppets whilst studying at University. The puppets were to have a lasting effect on Nicki. She didn't mind if they had heads separated from their bodies with peeling paint; that was their attraction
 Nicki has made paper mache bowls and painted them in metallic inks combined with acrylic paint. Free machine embroidery on dissolvable fabric has been embedded into the paper mache with wonderful effect
 This is one side of a bowl showing the faces of puppets once again
 Nicki's drawings from the 1980's are now being used in hangings
 Little purses and embroidered jewellery pieces
 These large panels have pieced backgrounds. Nicki likes to stitch, cut and then re-assemble the pieces together. She enjoys manipulating fabrics
 This beautiful piece was within a Perspex box and very different to Nicki's other work

 This one is for Elaine who loved it
 Illustrative free machine embroidery on soluble fabric. Nicki plays with shapes, textures and colours
In summary, Nicki uses mixed media to the full. From painting batik techniques, layering dissolvable fabrics, quilting, trapunto quilting, smocking and applique: all used ''messily'' and creatively. Her drawings and paintings were fantastic and we hope to welcome Nicki back for a workshop as soon as possible.