Saturday, 22 November 2014

An inspiration to stitch with Maryke Phillips

We had a brilliant workshops today with Maryke Phillips. Despite some difficulties at the beginning of the day it turned out to be a lovely day where we learnt lots of new things, handled some of Maryke's gorgoeus fabric books  and had lots of opportunity for some retail therapy - fabrics,beads, threads!!!!

Maryke introducing the day surrounded by her beautiful books

We diligently took notes as we were told what to do.

We layered scrim onto batik fabric and then stamped and did rubbings with wax crayons on textures plates 

more example of books

Everybody got started . Layering up the fabric and wadding

Then stamping their fabrics

more beautiful pages of Maryke's books

Then we were introduced to a brilliant way of embellishing silk velvet with moulding mats and wooden stamps.

excited faces!! witnessing the 'silk velvet effect'


work in progress

our beautiful silk velvet

MAryke demonstrating 'shisha mirrors'

More work in progress

Elaine practising her 'shisha'

We all went home tired but with plenty of work to be getting on with . Maryke showed us how to put our 'books' together when we eventually complete them. We all still need to  stitch our pages and embellish them with pockets, folders, beads, appliqued pieces,  shapes and words.
Thank you Maryke for a lovely workshop. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lucy Anne Harding - From Milk-girl to textile illustration Artist

Saturday 8th November We had a lecture from a young woman called Lucy Harding. Lucy was brought up on a dairy farm and from the age of 9 helped her grandad  to deliver the milk.  Today even though the farm is no longer a dairy farm she still gets up at 3 oclock in the morning to deliver milk to her 500 customers. Milk is now bought in. Lucy is passionate about stopping the demise of the dairy farm and the door to door delivery. While studying for her degree she decided to focus her work on what she knew best the milk round and the farm. Although only a few years out of university she has managed to create a business based on her textiles.
This shows a selection of the work Lucy produces- the applique pictures on screen printed backgrounds and the mugs and tea towels 

This shows the original milk cart

Lucy miming carrying her milk crate

All her pictures are of characters she knows on her milk round. they all have little milk bottles embroidererd on them

Here are some of her farm pictures . Lucy used old milk round logs as a background printed onto the fabric .

Lucy takes commissions now for birthdays and weddings. Here she has appliqued and embroidered the top table at a wedding. She is told before the wedding who is wearing what.

Lovely afternoon was had by all. Thank you Lucy. 'Support your Milkman'