Monday, 18 November 2013

Amanda Clayton Workshop

On Saturday November 16th Amanda Clayton ran a workshop in which we 'explored the decorative image in a neutral palette'.
We started the day with some paper exercises ,drawing,cutting and ripping leaf shapes.

Our tissue paper and newsprint paper collages were then put together as a patchwork

Amanda showed us some fabric darning .........

with a curtain that she made for her sister.

We then created 'washing lines' of pieced sheers

and the added our 'fabric darned' creations

and Janet really had to think!!

Amanda suggested how we could place our stitched pieces on the background.

She also showed us ways of adding weight to our pieces by incorporating small found objects such as stones or small metal objects.

Amanda is now producing excitingthree dimensional work by pleating silk organza

Our 'Chinese Laundry' with our stitched treasures

The day was extremely relaxing and left us with plenty of ideas work on in the future.

Thank you Amanda.