Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cherrilyn Tyler workshop

Cherrilyn Tyler's workshop on Saturday put our free machining skills to the test. Some of us had done very little and Cherrilyn was there to help and get people started. Others who were more experienced were inspired by her  ideas and encouragement . Some members used personal photos of pets and family and others places they had visited.  She was patient as machines played up and bounced on the tables. A pleasant day was had by all.

All sitting around the table for the introductory session

cherrilyn's work

more of cherrilyn's work

 Carole down to business drawing her design onto Vilene that's been ironed to the back of the fabric.

Then down to the stitching


who me ? at least I am not sitting next to Ruth!!

all working hard stiching
Don't talk to me I'm concentrating!

Cherrilyn lending a helping hand

Then our pieces of work,  they look lovely. Some are still work in progress


Friday, 18 October 2013


We were overwhelmed this afternoon by the wonderful collection of quilts from Maryke Phillips.

It was a feast for the eyes

The backs were as beautiful to behold as the front

 Then if your breath had not been taken by the quilts, there were Maryke's books which we were privileged to hold and admire

So much detail and rich with embellishment

 Little velvet pockets with words beneath hiding away
We were treated at the end to a shopping spree from Maryke's shop ''Batiks N Beads. If you missed today (sorry) you can visit Maryke's shop:
Maryke will return for a workshop in November 2014 to inspire us to use our stash - see the programme 


Friday, 11 October 2013

Putting up an exhibition

This year is the branch's 30th anniversary. We took the opportunity to put together an exhibition entitled 'Celebration' at  Bilston Craft Gallery. Throughout the last 12 months a group under the leadership of Una have been planning and organising the event. Members have been asked to produce work that was inspired by workshops they had taken part in . We held 2 members' workshops. At one workshop we embroidered pieces that represented the 'Pearl' aspect of our anniversary and in the other workshop we designed 'postcards' that showed things about Wolverhampton. Another display came from the 'Connect in Threads' group which comprised of embroidered Jigsaw pieces.
On Thursday a group of us gathered at the Gallery to mount the exhibition. It was a wonder to behold. I would have had no idea where to start. It was a great example of team work, planning, cleaning, screwing and levelling!!! It took a few hours to turn one empty room into a beautiful display of the group's work. Thank you to all of you for your help.

All pieces being delivered and checked off

Una ensuring pieces are ticked off on the list

bare walls

more bare walls to be filled

Pictures laid out on the floor. Which ones go together?

Our two honorary members get started

decisions, decisions, decisions!

bits starting to appear on the cabinets

boards going up and tools being sorted

'I think its this one' -'No I think its that one!' Lillian obviously thinks she is in an American cop scene. 'up against the wall and spread em!!'

The workmen admiring their handiwork

And off we go and Margaret obviously thinks she is in the same programme as Lillian!

Starting to look better already

'This embroidery of a fire extinguisher looks really realistic' -'It looks good here shall we leave it here?'

Spot Lillian cleaning!

And yet more cleaning!

Many thanks, boys! You can go home now!

The beautiful Derby Birds installed in their cabinet.

Our tribute to Brenda who died this year. She did some beautiful work and contributed a great deal to the Guild.

And she is still flippin cleaning!

Now lets get these pearl pieces levelled up!

Looking lovely


The last leg!

What no cleaning Lil?

Admiring our pearl cards, postcards and jigsaw pieces

don't mention the cushions

please don't mention the cushions

I said please don't mention the cushions. Getting cushions into cabinets - not easy!