Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fay Maxwell workshop

A large group of us met on Saturday to make mirrors with Fay. Fay arrived with lots of lovely fabrics and kits for those who wanted them.

A wonderful example of one of Kay's mirrors 
We learnt about 'slips', small embroidered flowers, butterflies, toadstools etc that were stitched onto cushions and bedpsreads in elizabethan times. And we learnt to do Dorset buttons.

Example of Fay's Dorset buttons 
Two examples of Kay's slips - shells
There was lots of chat and laughs.

Is he here Yet? waiting for the man to open the door!! Freezing in anticipation.

'I think he's here!' Says Jude.

Even Marco the PAT testing man was waiting in anticipation!

So we set to work

Louise worked on a 'slip' of a butterfly


Dorset buttons take on the identity of flowers
   and have a wonderful 3D quality similar to stump work

Examples of work in progress, all very individual

Good demonstration of how the 2 pieces of blanket felt support the Dorset button

 Jean chose to work on a purse rather than a mirror, still following the same principle
Lots of examples of work in progress with the aim of completion for the next lecture


A really relaxing workshop today. Hand embroidery allows you to work and learn whilst still being able to talk with friends as there is no interruption of sewing machines or embellishers.
Hopefully ladies, you will bring your finished mirrors/purse, to the next lecture. Even if they are unfinished I hope you will bring them for everyone to see


Louise finished her slip as you can see here - pretty as a picture


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Ins & Outs of the Embroiderers’ Guild January 12th 2013

On Saturday we had a visit from Terry Murphy CEO National Embroiderers' Guild and Annette

Annette gave an overview of the Guild collection, including the move from Hampton Court to the new headquarters .
Pieces from the collection were brought to examine and admire. Some beautiful and historic pieces of work were on show as seen below.

 Terry gave a very encouraging talk about the present situation with regard to the National Guild and a vision for the future especially with regard to the new website and database which will allow the guild to grow and develop in the future. Exciting times.

Annette Collinge with Margaret and Jean holding a stunning christening gown.

How old is this!!

Terry Murphy in full flow.

Look at this for a piece of darning