Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dionne Swift lecture

We had a very enjoyable afternoon with Dionne Swift . It was great to hear of her developmet as an artist in textiles. She introduced us to the use of steamrollers and cars as possible replacements for a printing press. She told us of her  work with collographs and very thick felt. Her passion came through her presentation.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Indian Inspiration Ceramic Day in Derby with Pollie and Garry Uttley

After a wonderful lecture last year, from Pollie and Garry Uttley, a group of us decided to visit their wonderful studio and produce work of our own - in clay.
We were not prepared for the glorious surroundings and were overwhelmed with hospitality, home made food and fantastic company. The rain could not dampen our enthusiasm and the views were amazing.
One of the sights while sitting in the conservatory - didn't manage to capture the hare that shared our company too!

We got comfy in the ceramics studio and watched as Pollie worked her magic with a sheet of rolled clay and hand made blocks inspired by many trips to India over the years.

Pat Ruth and Joy with some of Pollie's luscious ceramics

Ruth always needs a closer, better look!
Thumbs playing a vital role in the 'printing' of the clay for our first plate. Here under the watchful eye of Lillian, is some of the work as we begin to complete the first phase of our plate. We used blocks depicting every aspect of India - from Paisley pine to elephants, from graphic to floral - textures in abundance.
After a home made delicious vegetarian lunch with ALL the trimmings, we set about our second piece of work
Pollie beside her racks of work and demonstrating one of her white plates with 'torn' edge and finished in gold. We were now ready to begin our second 'dish of the day.'
Working this time on a wooden mould, papers were used around the edge, ready to receive the clay. Pollie demonstrates how to achieve alignment with our designs, including a block print for the well/centre of our dish.
We left our work with its intricate patterns, in the very capable hands of Pollie and Garry. It was most strange leaving empty handed from a workshop. The work now has to dry and be removed from their moulds and frames. Some will be glazed after the biscuit firing, and some will be colour washed. Whatever the outcome, the day was an enormous success and we are waiting with baited breath until the time we can collect the work from Pollie.
Lovely group photo but ruth (sitting at Front) and lillian (on the right in white) definately look the worst for wear
It may be that a further trip is organised to the studio - if you would be interested just let us know. It is rumoured that Ruth wishes to make a dinner service, so it may be that this was the first of many visits!
Visit for Polllie's comments on the day ( ruth's right boob_)