Saturday, 31 March 2012

A wonderful day with the angels!

We had a wonderful day last Saturday with Annette Emms making angels. We all used embellishing machines or hand felters, some for the first time. The day went quickly with plenty of creativity and laughs and chatter.

As you can see from the photos below, all the Angels were beautiful and all so different. It was really difficult to select photos so you have loads to look at. Some of them are our angels and some are Annette's.

Help from Annette

Alison busy on the embellisher

Everyone listening intently
Annette's samples being passed around

Janet and Jean

Annette's beautiful book

another of Annette's books

Annette's angels

Annette's angels

Monday, 26 March 2012

member success

Conratulations to Margaret Guy one of our members who has had an article published in the recent Stitch magazine. It looks fab!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Joy of Making at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

In addition to the Kantha workshop (below) put on by some guild members, some of our branch members volunteered to demonstrate their skills for the last three Tuesdays as part of the Art Gallery's  The Joy of Making exhibition. Machine embroidery, embellishing and hand stitching were demonstrated. Jean, Margaret, Lillian, Pat and Ruth all contributed their time to take part in this initiative. Those people who visited the exhibition were really interested in what they saw and asked plenty of questions and were hopefully motivated to go home and get started on something. Many were well impressed by what they observed. Hopefully some might attend a guild lecture.
The Exhibition goes on until 14th April

 The photos below show some of the items we were demonstrating today and Pat hard at work.

Beautiful organza boxes

Work in progress using the embellisher

Embellisher and samples

Pat demonstrating machine embroidery

Monday, 19 March 2012

Kantha Workshop

A Kantha workshop was held at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on Saturday 17th March. Ten ladies attended but the interest was such that there was a waiting list and a second Kantha workshop may run so that disappointment is avoided
Elephants were the theme of the day
worked in Kantha stitch
The beauty of hand embroidery is that it leaves
you free to have a good chat at the same time!
Kantha work is suitable for left and right-
handed embroiderers
Sharon and Jude taught the workshop
and Lillian was our 'right-hand woman.'

Every elephant had its own little character.
They were worked in various colourschemes with slightly varying stitches. Threaded running stitch makes a very pretty border and the colour choice is lovely and pastel
Ladies worked their own designs for the saddles and proved to be very creative and most effective

Strong colour choice and a lovely paisley saddle design

The time went very quickly and the results speak for themselves. Well done ladies!!


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Gwen Farrer Lecture

Another enjoyable meeting was had by all this afternoon. Gwen had given us a lecture about her hat making last year and returned today to talk about marbling and painting on fabric. She invited people to come up to have a go at marbling . Our efforts are shown below.

Gwen Farrer is a milliner but in practice she
loves to experiment with many other
techniques. She loves to 'play' with fabric, thread and dyes

Shirley with Marbling inks

Marbling on Silk - 4 lengths of silk show our group efforts

Floral bags - Gwen Farrer
Felt flowers made from circles of felt, folded then grouped
Gwen uses wonderful and colourful fabrics

Marbling on paper and silk

A reminder of Gwen's fabulous hats for every occasion

Hats by Gwen Farrer