Personal Inspiration Travelling Books

swop 15 July 2019. Here is a small selection - next swop September

Swop 14 took place on the 1st of June.  Here is a small selection.

Work in March 2019

A selection of work presented in February 19

A new year begins and the marvellous work continues - January 2019

November swap. A fabulous selection of work on display this month. Keep up the good work!

September swop over 7.  another small selection of the work being made.

July swop over 6.
A small selection of the lovely work being produced. Some of the books are already a little on the fat side so we have put them on a diet! 

June swop over 5. The work continues to amaze and impress us

Swop over 4 of the Travelling books - more great work! 

Our next instalment of Inspirational Travelling Books

And the next round of the travelling books has been completed in March 2018. The work continues be both beautiful and inspiring.

Following our very successful ABC travelling books project of the last 2 year we are now onto the second round.
Thirty seven members have signed up to the project each person  has a sketch book and each person  has decided on a subject for that sketch book. e.g, leaves, houses,spirals, bodies celtic etc
Carole has developed a system by which the books get passed on monthly and a page is completed relating to the Inspiration for the book. Many thanks to Carole.
We will regularly put up photos on this site on the progress of the project.

February 2018 first pages completed and ready to pass on

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