Bee Drawings

 These are the microscope drawings of bee parts from the workshop in November.  Aren't they fabulous! 

Guidelines for stitch - you should have 2 pieces of fabric and a template.  Your embroidery/s (you can make one or two) should be on the background fabric within a circle the size of the template.  Use the template to mark out the circle in the middle of the fabric (do this in what ever way works for you)  The background needs to stay the colour it is, so that there is some uniformity within all the embroideries.  You can do pretty much anything you like within the circle. I don't mind hand stitch, machine stitch, any type of thread, fabric, found object etc.   Please stay within the circle - we are creating interpretations of our field of view down the microscope and for this reason they need to be circular.  If you have a lot of white areas on your original drawing you will need to think about how to "seperate" your background from your field of view. I would suggest that you can do this one of several ways, either by stitching round the circle so it stands out or by maybe using applique to add a fabric to create the field of view or by colouring in the circle - these are just suggestions. As long as you only make a circular embroidery pretty much anything goes.   Adding 3D elements is fine - just think about the weight as I will be sewing all these onto canvas, so anything really heavy may cause a soggy bottom!
Finish date - please get them back to me by the lecture on the 9th of March ( or earlier if you have finished)

I have more fabric if you have a problem and need more. Any questions please get in touch.

microscope pictures

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